Book thoughts: A year in Provence


Let me tell you in advance, this isn’t a book review but my thoughts on the book that I very much enjoyed reading. I get book cravings once in a while.  It usually happens that I want to read about a certain genre or a certain writer and fewer times about a certain destination.

It was once such travel book craving of mine leading me to browse the travel section of Good reads website. Being a regular visitor of the website and its travel section, ‘A year in Provence’ used to regularly appear on my timeline. So much that I decided to order it one day without realizing the history and legacy behind the book.

The bestseller, ‘A year in Provence’ was first published in 1982 when Peter Mayle, a resident of England decided to move bag and baggage to Luberon in Provence with his wife and two dogs in search of warm weather with plenty of sunlight. The Englishman decides to invest in a 200 year old farmhouse which they thought could be renovated and would be their happily ever after!

What lies ahead is the hilarious account of the slow and slower life of Provence and the unmissable gigantic gastronomic appetite of its people. It turns out that Provence is not as hot as the Mayle’s  expected it to be, the locals are not as snotty as they are perceived to be, the wines  produced in the region is the best in the world and the residents are willing to travel to any distance to devour the delicious French delicacies!

As much as living in Provence is fruitful and dreamy, it has its own side effects. Living in a tourist place like Provence, they always had a stream of uninvited guests from England who wanted to visit Provence and needed a free place to stay, often leaving their toiletries and underwear behind as a parting souvenir. Their life was painfully slow as compared to their life back in England as it took them close to a year to get their house renovated while Peter’s wife had to trick their workers and its family into a Christmas dinner so that they should finish the construction on the house.

There are numerous such accounts in the book which will make it hard for the readers to put the down the book and guarantees a hearty laughter!  One can find the mention of “A year in Provence” in every travel book-list to read before you die and it is rightly so. I would like to add list this book as one of the funniest that I read till date and the one that has successfully transport me to a destination that that I have never visited before.

Have you read A year in Provence? Let me know what you think about the book.

Good day to you!



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