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When Loss is Gain:Reading and rereading!


Ever read a booked based in Bhutan? A book where the protagonist has given up all hopes to live but somehow survives? A book about giving second chance to life and love? A book that makes you believe in miracle?

When Loss is Gain is the story of one such protagonist. No I am not writing a book review, its too late for that. I am letting you know my thoughts about a book that touched me deeply. I picked up ‘When Loss is Gain’ after reading its review in a newspaper back in year 2012 I guess. I wasn’t expecting much from the book but it turned out to be my favorite book, favorite of all times!

‘When Loss is Gain’ is written by former Indian ambassador to Bhutan, Pavan K. Varma, whose other work includes ‘Ghalib, the man, the times,’ ‘Havelis of old Delhi,’ ‘Krishna the playful divine’ and many more.

When Loss is Gain the story of Anand, a budding Delhi Lawyer and his lovely life in the posh VIP lanes of the capital. He is so self observed in his ambitions and work life that he fails to notice his life slipping right under his watchful eyes. He wakes up one fine morning to sense someone is not right.

Anand world comes to a standstill when he gets to know his best friend of years and business partner Adi, is backstabbing him. He is trying to create a false impression of Anand in the office and peer circle that he is a rude, ill mannered and selfish of a human being whose concentration is on everything except his clients. His name is being spoiled in the market damaging his years of carefully built reputation and credibility. He is not only wanted out of their office but Adi’s life as well.

Anand, is hit with another set back, probably the worst of all kinds. His wife is cheating on him. With guess, who? Yes, his best friend, Adi. Both wife and best friend are carefully laying a trap for Anand to robe him of his happiness, both in office and at home.

If all of these, weren’t enough, Anand, on one winter morning, lands in the emergency ward of the nearby hospital on complains of severe stomach ache. Doctors were quick to diagnose his symptoms and upon performing few tests and reports, he is about to get the death sentence of his life. He is suffering from cancer, pancreatic cancer.

He gives up all hope to live a life which is a constant reminder of betrayal, uncertainty and loneliness. With a stroke of immense luck, Anand is being informed about the wrong diagnosis of the first test and that he is cancer free. In a determination to make the most of his second life, he decides to give up on every parasite that he thinks is sucking onto his blood. He leaves his strenuous job and let his wife live the life she wants to live. He began enjoying simple pleasures of life and in a whim to live each day as it comes, he somehow lands in Bhutan.

Will Bhutan chance his fortunes? Will the time spent in the land of smiling people take help him reshaping his second life? Will the Himalayan terrains of this tiny country help him in a finding love again?

When Loss is Gain is a story of grit, zeal and a never giving up attitude towards life.

The story is based in New Delhi and Bhutan. The book through various cities and towns of Bhutan. A country which is not very often on our bucket list. A country known for being the home of happiest people on this planet, a country known for its down to earth citizens and breathtaking natural beauty.


Writing: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Age recommended: 16 and above.

Where to buy:

Have you read ‘When Loss is Gain? Let me know your thoughts about the book in the comments section.

Happy reading and a happy weekend to you!



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